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Why trust Midmass with your next project?

Perhaps that question is best answered with another question: Why take on all the responsibility, liability of ordering the metal building system and then trusting the erection to an unqualified construction company?

You can simply utilize Midmass Construction Company for the supply, erection, insulation and free yourself for the multitude other responsibilities you have as a general contractor. DO WHAT YOU DO BEST!

Midmass Construction Group, Inc. offers:

Design Assistance - Midmass Construction Group, Inc. has extensive experience and expertise in the design process which can help avoid cost over-runs - saving time AND money.

Discount Prices - Midmass Construction Group, Inc. buys steel at substantial discounts. These savings are passed on to you, our customer.

Certified Erection Crews - Midmass Construction Group, Inc. employs experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen. Additionally these crews are owner supervised every single day.

Safety and Security - Midmass Construction Group, Inc. is fully insured, Workman's Compensation is supplied by Midmass to all our workers.

Why pre-engineered metal buildings?

Pre-engineered metal buildings account for over 70% of all low-rise commercial building today... read on to find out why.

Steel is the most versatile, powerful and durable method of construction in the marketplace today. It is lighter than wood and longer lasting than even concrete. A steel building is made to withstand the test of time. But does that mean every new addition to your infrastructure has to look like warehouse? Of course not. Not when you hire Midmass Construction Group, Inc. Our design acumen will assure a pleasing aesthetic in addition to the strength and longevity of steel.

For example; steel is one of the most customizable building materials ever invented, it is able to mimic almost any architectural style while withstanding the weather conditions that warp wood and erode concrete structures. You are never without the strength and simplicity you desire at a cost that is usually cheaper then the cost of building with traditional construction materials.

Here are a few of the many reasons steel is the smart choice:

Lower Initial Cost - Typical savings are up to 30% over the cost of other construction methods.

Greater Design Flexibility - Incorporate glass, masonry, concrete and many other different materials for an attractive and unique exterior appearance.

Faster Occupancy - One third faster than conventional construction.

Lower Maintenance Cost - Enjoy numerous years of virtually maintenance free building exteriors.

Cost Effective and Easy Expansion - Add windows, doors, extensions and additions far easier.

Longevity - Get 20 to 25 year warranties on roofs and walls.